Thursday, February 02, 2006

Update – February 2, 2006


Wow, lots of updates – and not many good. First off, my 2 HYIP, 5DayFunds and VerdaFunds, went under. They were apparently hacked and never came back. Working on getting my money back via Stormpay.

The Automatic Surfing website seems to have disappeared after having a few problems. I will keep everyone updated on this.

Second, there has been a lot of controversy regarding Stormpay the past few days. It seems to have all began when 12DailyPro attempted to transfer a large sum of money from its Stormpay account to EMO (Electronic Money Order) in order to pay some of its members. Apparently, Stormpay was not happy with this, and declared that because of the possibility of fraud, Stormpay declared that 12DailyPro and other Autosurfs must use only Stormpay as its payment processor and no other processors. As a result, this has caused much drama with 12DailyPro and other autosurfs. Many of their Stormpay accounts have been frozen… which means that they can send or withdraw funds. This will hopefully be resolved in a few days. I will keep you updated as I receive new info. I would suggest holding off on any upgrades until this all gets cleared, but to surf as normal.

As a result of the above, 12DailyPro payments may be a little later than normal.

Alien Trust was back functional for a few days, but recently disabled surfing and new membership until they get all their bugs fixed from moving to the new servers. Once they get back, I would suggest signing up with them. They seem to be making a lot of moves to secure their future, and their admin Vince is great with keeping members updated.

That’s it for today. Please e-mail me with any questions,, and I will keep you all updated.