Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekly Investment Review – January 28th, 2006

This review is for the week starting Sunday, January 22nd and ending Saturday, January 28th.


Very good week. After some problems with 12 Daily Pro, most everything was cleared up and I received my first big payment. Automatic surfing paid within hours. I have almost made my money back with Go 4 Dollar. 5DayFunds seems to have been a scam, but this is not confirmed. Read my review below.

Our Portfolio

Autosurfs -
1. 12 Daily Pro – After a few problems, 12 Daily Pro has overcome them. People who upgraded on January 4th have had missing upgrades and messed up payments. Although their response was a little slow, they have responded and are working on paying out these people. I will update when they actually make this payment. Besides that, I received my cashout for my second upgrade, which turned my $1134 investment into $1881. By being NetIBA Certified, the fees were reduced from 6.9% to 2.9%, or $129 to $54. So I made an additional $75 by being NetIBA Certified. This was very good news. My upgrade expired on January 21st (Last Saturday) and was paid January 28th, this Saturday. There seem to be some people worried about this program… so I will reinvest a few hundred, and split up the rest between other programs. They are having a convention towards the end of February, so hopefully this will reassure people.

2. Alien Trust – This site seems to be headed in the right direction. The site is just moved to new servers, rumored to cost $90,000. The admin, Vince Kronlein, also seems very nice and keeps users informed. The maximum number of shares is now 10,000($80,000). The program is currently frozen for upgrades and surfing, but users will be credited for each day that it is frozen while they get everything setup and work out the bugs. I am very optimistic about this program, and suggest trying it out. I have invested $50, and plan on investing a few hundred or more once upgrades are enabled.

3. Automatic Surfing – I am very happy with automatic surfing so far. You can request a payout once you reach 80% of return on your money. Although I would suggest waiting a few days for the full cashout, so you wont have a little bit of money left in it at the end. Their payouts have been fast, same day – usually within a few hours. I will reinvest a few hundred.

4. MoneyMaker Surf – Site seems good. They fixed the autosurfing so it stops surfing after 20 pages. Prior to this, you could surf an unlimited number of pages. I will be receiving my first cashout in a few days and plan to reinvest it.

High Yield Investment Programs -

1. 5 Day Funds – Well, many people on the forums were claiming scam this week. A few said they have gotten paid, but many are still waiting. The website went down for a few days, and I thought it was indeed a scam. Going to the site today, they claim to have server problems, and promise payment in 48 hours. I suggest not investing until I confirm payment, then if you decide to reinvest, I’d try a small amount.

Money Randomizer –

  1. Go 4 Dollar – Currently 43 members. I have had 1 Direct Referral and 1 Random Referral. So I have made $10 of my $15 back, and feel that I will start making profit this week. Highly suggest investing the $15, since it is a 1-time fee, and they will continue to pay you if/until you make $10,000. No need to even refer people since you get random referrals, although it helps.

Payment Processors -
1. StormPay - Very nice program. If you use this, I suggest getting NetIBA certified to reduce rates from 6.9% to 2.9%.

2. E-Gold - Another payment processor.

3. NetIBA - $19.95 a year to get Certified. A must if using StormPay. Made an extra $75 on my first 12 Daily Pro cashout by being Certified!


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